Liberty Resources

We worked with Liberty Resources to empower the disabled.

In order to better understand Liberty Resources, we worked on-site, observing and experiencing employees’ daily tasks and routines. 55% of Liberty Resources employees have some type of disability ranging from vision impairment to paralysis. With this in mind, our team designed a plan for enhancing the company’s internal protocols to make information more accessible to both employees and clients alike. Case workers, who go on-site to rehabilitation centers and meet with the clients they’re transitioning to independent living, were a group of particular need. By accompanying case workers to these individual meetings, our team discovered how crucial clear articulation of process is for Liberty’s clients, many of whom have no understanding of how they’ll return to their everyday lives. We designed several communications tools that case workers and clients alike can use to easily understand where they are at in the process of achieving the goal of independent living.

Project Outcomes

The Road to Independence

Re-envisioning Communication